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According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 62% of adult Americans are overweight or obese.
People who actively document food intake have drastic improvements over those who don't.
Workers who exercise have a higher quality of work, better mental performance and time management.
Eating 5 smaller meals per day helps keep insulin levels stable preventing the storage of excess sugars and fats.

Easy to Use Menu Design

Train 4 Life has an easy to use, intuitive drag and drop menu system. As you design your menu, it automatically calculates the calories, protein, fat, and carbs and compares it to your personalized diet plan, based on your individual bodyweight and fitness goals.

Different Workouts Every Day

Our trainers create a new, unique workout for you to do everyday. Each workout comes with detailed instructions and video demos. Workouts can be done at home or in the gym!

Low-Cost Program

Train 4 Life provides everything you need for only $39 a month! Compared to most diet and workout programs, that's an $1000 value! You can also do a week trial of Train 4 Life absolutely free.

Judy Cronin

I started at Evolution in February of 2012 because my son was getting married in March of 2013. I needed to lose weight and wanted to just feel better about myself. I started working out at least 5 times per week but the weight was not coming off. Kayla suggested I go to Ed's nutrition class. Ed's passion for what he does made me so motivated. He said that I could work out every day and my weight would stay the same unless I start eating right. Ed taught me that protein, carbs, and fats are all important to your body. Once I started, the weight came off. I have lost 25 pounds and I am still going. Ed has so much knowledge about nutrition and he wants to share that. Everyone should take his class. So thank you Ed, Kayla, Corey, Ben and Andy for all that you do. Evolution would not be what it is without all of you.

Tom Grattan

When I started Train 4 Life in August, 2011 the stats were:

  • 183 lbs
  • Pot belly
  • 38 inch waist
  • Low energy
  • ZERO knowledge about nutrition

After just ten months utilizing Train 4 Life, developed by Trainer Ed Mazzuchelli at Evolution Fitness, my stats are now:

  • 159 lbs
  • Pot belly GONE
  • 32 inch waist
  • More stamina
  • And a desire to learn about nutrition and fitness.

At 65 years of age, I feel very fortunate to have used Train 4 Life!